Welcome to the new StonePT

What does it mean to be StonePT? It represents a national value. Or better still, it represents national values. This is why we have captured the Portuguese soul to show you what it means to be the hallmark of the Portuguese ornamental stone.

Who doesn’t easily identify the dimensions that differentiate us in the world? – that characterise the Praia Ocidental Lusitana* [Portuguese Western Beach], unfolding into a festival of music, flavours and glory?

Our values now come together to celebrate one element that characterises our landscape and occupies a global place of (p)reference.

In this publication, we reveal to you the first brand image of the Portuguese stone. We could say that it is a case of welcoming you to the new StonePT.

In a country that has one of the largest numbers of grape varieties, helped by the climate that gives body and strength to an immense number of internationally renowned nectars, we bring to you a duality of textures and the impact of two unique forces: Portuguese wine and Portuguese ornamental stone. We propose a toast to our home products.

Because Portugal offers the best.

StonePT: We offer the best.

*in “Os Lusíadas” de Luís Vaz de Camões