Portuguese Stone kicks off its second Internationalisation Strategy

Throughout 2016, STONE.PT will be present in every hot spot around the world of strategic decision-making for the sector’s market – Europe, China, the Far East, the United States of America, and Brazil –, in order to promote the technical and scientific credibility of Portuguese products with the STONE.PT quality label, and all associated companies, among international buyers and customers.

MARMOMACC (Italy), Xiamen Stone Fair (starting next March 6th, in the Republic of China), Vitória Stone Fair (Brazil), and Coverings (USA) are on the map for the STONE.PT brand’s Internationalisation Strategy – second edition.

This provides a driving platform for the marketing of Portuguese companies – with a signature that separates the Portuguese stone from its competition –, which seek to expand their markets and consolidate their international presence.

Following the first edition, in 2015, STONE.PT will now return with a group of activities that grant visibility, fame, and relevance to the Portuguese stone while also contributing towards improved corporate competitive performances.