‘First Stone’ takes Portuguese design to the world’s greatest fairs in the sector

Assimagra – Mineral Resources Association has joined ExperimentaDesign and CEVALOR – Centro Tecnológico da Pedra Natural de Portugal in order to create a new means that will internationalise the Portuguese ornamental rock, based on creativity and know-how.

‘First Stone’ is the flagship project of Portuguese ornamental rock design, which enhances the value of this Portuguese stone around the world and places it among the trendy materials, hence designating it as a contemporary and sophisticated product for the most demanding customer.

Recognised designers of the grand public will be elaborating the concepts for each piece and company stands, which will be, later on, presented at the great world Design events – São Paulo, London, Milan, Switzerland, Venice, New York, and Dubai.

A strong strategy for attracting investment within such a competitive market, and a new challenge that will optimise potential ornamental rock exporters, with the collaboration of CEVALOR – responsible for developing prototypes and supervising each designer’s project.