The Primeira Pedra Project by Assimagra takes Prime Minister to the Venice Biennale of Architecture

The best marble in the world is Portuguese: these are the words of Siza, said at Villa Hériot, on the island of Giudecca, at the public presentation of the Primeira Pedra/Resistance project, of Assimagra and ExperimentaDesign. Prime Minister António Costa is one of the guests at the event held during the Venice Biennale of Architecture.

“The marble from Estremoz is the best in the world”, Siza comments to the newspaper Público while António Costa admires the pieces by the Portuguese architect, by the British Amanda Levete and Mia Hägg, guided by the officials of Assimagra, the director of Experimenta, Guta Moura Guedes and some of the architects invited to the show.

Besides Siza, Levete and Hägg, other architects of the first Resistance group were also present: Indian Bijoy Jaine and the commissioner of the 15th Venice Biennial, representing Atelier Elemental, Alejandro Aravena.

Souto de Moura and Carrilho da Graça have been invited by Assimagra and ExperimentaDesign for the second group of Primeira Pedra, which explores the strength and potential of Portuguese marbles and limestones, the presentation of which is scheduled for the Art Basel Exhibition 2017.